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The Cyber Snails project came to life in January 2021. When a team of seasoned NFT traders had the vision to create the ultimate NFT ALPHA group. During the first month, 1000 Cyber Keys were released as a free mint through various riddles, puzzles, and coded messages. This was to attract a highly-engaged and savvy group of individuals. This was a huge success and was followed by an excited community looking to mint the next Cyber Snails collection, consisting of 3333 pixel art snails.
After some time, due to a lack of project management, the Cyber Snails project came to a standstill. Leaving an amazing community wondering where and how the project could continue.
Then it all changed. In late May, Mijae, a prominent member of the community knew that the project needed a new direction under new leadership. Mijae made the decision to acquire the rights to Cyber Snails and take on this new venture.
Today, CyberSnails is still under the leadership of Mijae, with a fantastic team behind him. building at anything but a snail’s pace. He brought the technical, community building, partnership, and marketing skills the project was lacking, and he began building Since acquiring the project, not only have communications been consistent, but Mijae has delivered real value to holders by securing premium partnerships with some of the best callers, tool, and platforms in the space.
NOTE: We are building this project for the community. The ideas in this whitepaper are initially our own and based on early feedback from members. However, in the future should the community decide to invest its resources in other plans we are open and flexible to what they choose. Ultimately, we are here to serve the collective.