''I've been a holder since day one just like many of you, I’ve taken over the project with one mission: to give you guys the most value by rebuilding Cyber Snails.
In the NFT space, I'm currently an alpha caller in different communities and a team member of
In the last months, I have helped different projects/groups with marketing and advising with my first team being Alpacadabraz.
I entered this space with a vision of providing value without asking for stuff in return. This was very appreciated and I got to know a lot of founders and people fast. Connections and reputation is everything.
Outside of NFT I have built many businesses, everything associated with web2.0. Started as a dev & designer back in 2005.
I have 15 years of experience in marketing with a focus on SEO(search engine optimization). Were the last 10 of them as Head of / executive. I have together with others built businesses that have gone from a team of 7 to 100++.
Also last years in management, board member, M&A, and advisor. Currently building and scaling an affiliate business with tens of millions of USD revenue keeping a 50% YoY growth.
I'll combine all of these experiences, skills, and connections to change that frustration that I saw for months in this community/project, all of you people that DM’d and asked me about your investments past weeks.
I'm here to provide you with value, utility and build a strong snail community!''

Cyber Elite

Cyber Elites are our invaluable team, consisting of members who have gone above and beyond in supporting the journey of cyber snails. These elite individuals are who organize, curate, and run a huge number of collaborations and giveaways for our members to take full advantage of. We are always looking to expand our elites further to continue this value and help spread the word of Cyber Snails!