Holder roles

Holder Roles – Delivering unparalleled utility and value to our holders Introduced — 06/15/2022 We’re committed to building at Cyber Snails, and a fundamental component of growing and building a thriving and vibrant community is having passionate holders who believe in the project. We want to recognize and reward those members and deliver value and utility that rewards them for their commitment to the project. We’ve done this by introducing a range of new roles for holders and based on the number of tokens they hold (Keys or Snails), certain benefits and value will be on offer. By holding multiple Snail tokens, you can fully realize the value Cyber Snails can deliver, and of course, generate our $UPLOAD token to purchase a range of tools, allow lists, and more from our soon-to-be-released marketplace. So, what roles are on offer and how can you unlock them?
Snail Holder
Cyber Collector
Cyber Hunter
Cyber Whale
Snail Holder ( 1x snail ) - Access to Holder channels · - Access to Cyber Alpha section · - Access to Premint monitors - premint-top, premint-trending, premint-new · - Access to Llama alpha · - Access to Tokun App - Access to Degenmint - Access to Seamore sniping/analytics tool - Access to KumaVerse banner creation tool
Cyber Collector ( 2 x snails or 1 x key ) - Access to all Snail Holder benefits - Access to our private CyberNode - Additional Giveaway entries - [Redacted]
Cyber Hunter ( 5 x snails or 2 x keys ) - Access to all Cyber Collector benefits - Auto WL opportunities too various Collab projects - Access to Royal Whitelist Premint bot - Access to C24 Labs - [Redacted]
Cyber Whale ( 10 x Snails or 5 x Keys ) - Access to all Cyber Hunter benefits - Additional Auto WL opportunities to various Collab projects - Access to Nitro Automation tool - Access to PeWee Tools - [Redacted]