The NFT market is still very early and evolving fast. Many of the tools and resources that traders in more mature financial markets have access to are missing. Here at snails, we plan to not only provide third-party tools through long-term partnerships. But also have an in-house tool, developed by some of the best full-stack devs in the space. Here are some of the tools/utilities are holders already have access to:
Having the right tools in this space helps put are members above the rest! Here at snails are holders will continue to get access to some of the best tools around, Holders currently get access to the following: Cyber node Cybernode uses technology provided by TrippyNode, one of the fastest and best node technology out there! Allowing holders to be a step above the rest when it comes to trades and snipes! Premint bot This premint bot, provided by Royal Whitelist is one of the best out there right now! Allowing it’s users to acquire some of the most desirable WL spots! An easy way to up that Liquidity! Cyber whales get free lifetime access worth 0.4Ξ, while cyber hunters get a free monthly key worth 0.15Ξ Seamore tool Seamore is a sniping/analytics tool, allowing it’s users to see real time data to help your trading in this ever competitive market! Cyber whales can currently access this for free! Nitro tool Nitro is an AIO ETH & SOL minting bot, opensea and more! Allowing it’s users to be a step above getting those snipes and mints quicker than the rest! Cyber whales can currently access this for free! PeWee tool Peweetools is an in-depth NFT tool to make your investment SMART and AGILE Degenmint.xyz A tool that helps you catch NFT mints in real-time with some cool insights & features. Tokun App Allows you to discover, track, automate, and aggregate NFTs, all in a single place with a lot more features coming. Lifetime limited version for holders. KumaVerse KumaVerse Banner creation tool allows us to show off are amazing snails to the world in a creative fashion!
We found that the alerts we have set up for our members are super helpful and time saving. Holders have access to the following: Premint Monitor These are very valuable and a great way to stay on top of your premint game. Especially the top and trending ones. NFT news Holders can keep up to date on the important news and safety information in this ever evolving space. Whitelist calls Holders can be notified of exciting up and coming projects that are worth keeping an eye on, to get that early WL! NFT calendar Holders have the option to get notified of upcoming mints, along with the appropriate links/info! Gem sweeps This is where holders are able to see what projects are being swept and what projects are starting to get some attention! Moby Trending mints Trending mints This alert allows holders to keep ontop of what mints are hot right now! Crypto/gas tracker Holders can see in real time, crypto and gas prices!
Here at Cyber Snails, we pride ourselves on having a top-tier alpha service. A large dedicated alpha team has been put together, including respected, knowledgeable callers. These alpha callers will be posting regular analyses, incorporating short, mid, and long-term holds. On top of this News, early whitelist and premint calls will be made to ensure members are benefiting in all market conditions.
Here at Cyber Snails, on top of the amazing utility provided, we also like to have a little fun with giveaways! Be that through our discord, dedicated Twitter account, and maybe even some games. We want to give a little extra back to our members with some high-quality WL spots, sourced by our dedicated collab team.