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$UPLOAD is the ERC-20 token that will govern the Cyberverse. The token is passively generated daily by holding Cyber Snails. Owning a Cyber Key will accelerate the $UPLOAD accrual of a Cyber Snail.
$UPLOAD is a utility token that has no financial value of its own. Any financial value associated with it by third-parties is beyond our control.
To ensure a balanced distribution of $UPLOAD across a large number of holders, the entire token supply will not be available at token launch. Instead, a fixed supply of tokens will be released slowly over time through a staking mechanism.

Supply and staking

Staking a Cyber Snail NFT will earn 1000 $UPLOAD per day. Staking Cyber Keys with Snails increases the amount of $UPLOAD generated using the following function:
This means the max bonus can be achieved with 10 Snails and 5 Keys to double the amount accrued. Staking will be done "actively" in a contract that manages the distribution of $UPLOAD. The final supply for Cyber Snails NFTs is 3333. We can't exactly predict how many Snails and Keys will be staked together and in what distribution, but assuming an 80% staking rate and a rough target of 5 years to reach max supply we will set total $UPLOAD supply at 25,000,000,000
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